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Indonesia LGBT More People drive a motorcycle past a banner put up by the hardline Islamic Defenders Front calling for gay people to leave the Cigondewah Kaler area in Bandung, Indonesia West Java province, January 27, 2016 in this photo taken by Antara Foto. Indonesia's third-largest city has ordered a hardline Muslim group to take down "provocative" banners targeting the gay community and calling for them to leave, officials said on Friday. The banner reads, "Lesbian and Gay banned in our area". Picture taken January 27, 2016. REUTERS/Agus Bebeng/Antara Foto REUTERS/Agus Bebeng/Antara Foto Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on Indonesia to release the men who were detained last month after vigilantes reported them to religious police for allegedly engaging in gay sex. "These men had their privacy invaded in a frightening and humiliating manner and now face public torture for the 'crime' of their alleged sexual orientation," HRW's Phelim Kine said in a statement. Don't miss: Ohio Triple Murder Suspect Jumps to His Death From Courthouse Balcony "Indonesian authorities should immediately and unconditionally release the two men." In 2014, Aceh enacted a law that punishes anybody caught engaging in consensual gay sex with 100 lashes, 100 months in jail or a fine of 1,000 grams of gold. It also sets out punishment for sex crimes, unmarried people engaging in displays of affection, adulterous relationships and underage sex. Most popular: Turkeys Erdogan Accuses West of Campaigning Against Him in Referendum Authorities in the province on the northern tip of Sumatra island caned 339 people in 2016 for a range of crimes, according to HRW.

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Jude Ower, founder of Playmob But despite seemingly having it all, she felt there was something missing. "I realised that even though I had all the trappings of success, I was terribly unhappy," she says. "So I quit my job, sold everything I owned, set up a charitable fund, and headed out on a two-year around-the-world trip volunteering with humanitarian organisations." Taking only one suitcase, she spent 720 days travelling to 62 countries across all seven continents - an adventure that helped her find meaning in her life, she says. After writing a book about her experiences, she returned to San Francisco and founded Summery, a data analytics company that has developed a piece of online software similar to the Myers-Briggs personality test . Image copyright Summery Image caption Summery helps firms match their charitable projects with their employees' personalities The program combines behavioural science and analytics to give employers an idea of their staff's social priorities and attitudes towards giving, which she says helps inform companies how to focus their charitable efforts. "The test matches you with one of 10 'giving' personalities and provides a snapshot of your giving DNA, one of 59,048 possibilities," says Ms Michelson. By taking the guesswork out of charitable giving, she says it can improve the relationship between employer and staff, to everyone's benefit. "Engaged employees lead not only to better corporate performance, but also significant cost savings through stronger retention and more targeted recruitment based on cultural appreciation," she says. Richard Craig, chief executive of the Technology Trust, which helps charitable organisations use tech more effectively, says: "Over the last couple of years there has been a noticeable trend in graduates specifically looking for roles in charities and non-profits who might previously have looked to careers in the City, for example.